Oracle Corporation
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Oracle Corporation, an enterprise software company, engages in the development, manufacture, distribution, servicing, and marketing of database, middleware, and application software worldwide.
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. An industry-standard protocol used to deliver messages between computers over the network. TCP/IP support is included in Mac OS X.
The output of a SQL query consisting of one or more rows of data.
Local Area Network is a computer network that covers a small physical area such as an office or school.
A server designed to host applications and their environments, permitting server applications to run. A typical example is OAS, which is able to host Java, C, C++, and PL/SQL applications in cases where a remote client controls the interface. See also Oracle Application Server.
A value in the Unicode codespace, which ranges from 0 to 0x10FFFF. Unicode assigns a unique code point to every character.
A character code is a number that represents a specific character. The number depends on the encoding scheme. For example, the character code of the first character of the English uppercase alphabet is 0x41 in the ASCII encoding scheme, but it is 0xc1 in the EBCDIC encoding scheme.
The order in which letters, numbers, symbols, and characters are sorted in a character set
Industry:Information industry
Business Components for Java.
External binary files that exist outside the database tablespaces residing in the operating system. BFILES are referenced from the database semantics, and are also known as External LOBs.
A programmatic technique in which one process starts another and then continues. The second process then calls the first as a result of an action, value, or other event. This technique is used in most programs that have a user interface to allow continuous interaction.