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Delicious foods from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Rwanda, and/or Burundi.

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This ubiquitous staple food is made from mixing maize flour with boiling water. The result is a bland but filling companion to stews, vegetables, and meats.

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

Sukuma wiki is a nutritious dish of kale, often paired with ugali. These greens, prepared with tomatoes, allow for a simple and healthy meal.

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

Roasted maize is a snack sold by many street vendors in Kenya. Made with starchy and mature field corn, it is often seasoned with lime, chili peppers, and salt.

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

Pilau is a spiced rice dish cooked in stock. It is often served for special occasions, and is especially popular in Kenya and Tanzania. It is usually made with basmati rice, a variety of long grain ...

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

Nyama choma means roasted meat. This is an internationally renowned Kenyan dish composed of any red meat. Before it is roasted, this meat is often marinated in lemon juice and a variety of spices. ...

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

Mukimo is a traditional Kenya dish, originally created by the Kikuyu tribe. Essentially, it is a big hunk of vegetables made from mashed potates, beans, maize, and leafy green vegetables. This ...

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

Mandazi is a type of sweet fried bread. It is often eaten for breakfast with tea. It is prepared by mixing active yeast, coconut milk, and eggs.

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

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