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An Exploration of the Creativity and Traditions of Black Women's Natural Hair

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Often referred to as dreadlocs, locs are a long-term hairstyle. To create locs in your natural hair, you must twist one stranded portions of hair at the desired size. Twisting must be done on a regular basis in order for hair to loc. Some people choose to twist hair every week until the texture becomes solidified and locs no longer unwind. Originating from African cultures, locs were made popular by Bob Marley and the Rastafarian religion. However, many people who are not Rastafarian sport this beautiful, simple, and healthy style.

Domain: Beauty; Fashion; Category: Hair style; General fashion

Muitas vezes referida como dreadlocs, locs são um penteado a longo prazo. Para criar dreadlocks no cabelo natural, você deve torcer um encalhado porções de cabelo no tamanho desejado. Torção deve ser feito em uma base regular para que o cabelo para Loc. Algumas pessoas optam por torcer o cabelo toda semana, até que a textura se torna solidificada e locs já não relaxar. Proveniente de culturas africanas, locs foram feitos populares por Bob Marley e da religião Rastafari. No entanto, muitas pessoas que não são Rastafari esporte este estilo bonito, simples e saudável.

Domain: Beauty; Fashion; Category: Hair style; General fashion

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Jessica Lambert

Awesome Blossary!

01:51, 26 January 2015
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