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Ndebele is a language spoken by the Matebele people who live in the southern region of Zimbabwe. This glossary gives random terms used on a daily basis.

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A Ndebele term. "Yebo" meaning yes, essentially saying "Yes Yes". May be used as a greeting, when talking to a friend, or is said out of surety or an interjection of agreement.

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Zwana is a Ndebele word for listen, taste, feel and smell. "Zwana la!" : "Listen here!"

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An expression used to express shock, surprise, disappointment, or amazement. "Ah sha! Utshoni" - "Really! You don't say!"

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Pornounced: ay-ta. Accent is stressed on the last syllable. Used to mean "Hey!" or "Hello, how are you"

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Direct translation: You have(ulo) black(mnyama). Translated meaning: You have badluck If things are not going well, it is said "ulomnyama" example: Ngilomnyama - I'm (ngi) having a bad day.

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