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Brief presentation of general psychology terms in a query perspective

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詞性: 名詞。 的個人記錄發生,如疾病或障礙。 在醫學科學方面,這一短語會賦予對醫療問題的關注: 。 在心理學中,重點將放在人上: 在兩種情況下,發生的一種症狀表示為例。請將病歷、 醫療記錄進行比較。 ...

Domain: Psychology; Kategorie: General psychology

An authentic official copy of a person's written health details. The term applies also to healthy individuals and encompasses vaccinations along with health checks. Please compare ANAMNESIS, CASE ...

Domain: Psychology; Kategorie: General psychology

Part of speech: noun. A record of an individual occurrence, as of an illness or disorder. In medical sciences, the phrase would confer focus on a medical issue: . In psychology, the focus would ...

Domain: Psychology; Kategorie: General psychology

A reminiscence, memory, remembrance. Etymology: Greek anamimneskein, to bring up from memory. 2. A. Preparatory case history information, the term "case history" to suggest continuation. 2. ...

Domain: Psychology; Kategorie: General psychology

1. The intellective human capability to operate environmental as well as inner variables for thinking purposes. Scientific approaches to human memory have varied. • The classic approach would ...

Domain: Psychology; Kategorie: General psychology

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