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the part of a scene or picture that is farthest from the viewer : the part of a scene that is behind a main figure or object in a painting, photograph, etc. In photography the background is the part ...

Domain: Photography; Kategorie: Photography techniques

orientation refers to the way photographs are taken and displayed The most common forms of orientation are vertical and horizontal orientation.The vast majority of photographs from DSLR and ...

Domain: Photography; Kategorie: Photography techniques

"a telephoto lens is a specific type of a long-focus lens in which the physical length of the lens is shorter than the focal length.This is achieved by incorporating a special lens group known as a ...

Domain: Photography; Kategorie: Photography techniques

1) The position at which rays of light from a lens converge to form a clear and sharply defined image on a focal plane. 2) The action of adjusting the distance between the lens and subject to make ...

Domain: Photography; Kategorie: Photography techniques

Points exist in static and dynamic forms.Static points provide good opportunities to thoroughly explore and methodically construct your compositions. Dynamic points are more challenging to work with, ...

Domain: Photography; Kategorie: Photography techniques

The corners and flow of the dominant lines are important considerations to keep in mind when arranging and composing still lifes. A dominant line does not always need to be at the center of attention ...

Domain: Photography; Kategorie: Photography techniques

Dynamic lines can be used to monitor the distribution of the visual weight of elements in busy settings. Dynamic lines are a characteristic of an urban setting and they interact with the static ...

Domain: Photography; Kategorie: Photography techniques

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I love photography framing, and thank you for sharing details about this colourize photo here. If you can share more information with me soon, I would greatly appreciate it.

07:28, 15 August 2021
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