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Se yleensä viittaa palvelimet - voi olla yksityinen tai paikallisia luonnon - tai nimetyissä pisteitä pelin, jotka pääasiassa PvP tai pelaaja vs. pelaaja-pelin. Nämä ovat palvelimia, jossa useimmat ...

Domain: Games; Kategorie: Computer games

A term collectively used to refer to monsters found in groups. It may also be used to refer to all the monsters found in a certain dungeon or field map. To get mobbed is to be assaulted by many ...

Domain: Games; Kategorie: Computer games

The act of being brutally killed without the capability to fight back or at least support one's self from the opposing monster and/or fellow player. This usually occurs when a player or even a group ...

Domain: Games; Kategorie: Computer games

Often abbreviated to AFK, this term means that even though the player is apparently online, they may not be at the computer or they may be unable to attend to their character at the moment. This ...

Domain: Games; Kategorie: Computer games

A group or organization of players who usually team up to fulfill a certain goal. The goals may range to be for something as simple as socializing or to be something as daunting and challenging as ...

Domain: Games; Kategorie: Computer games

The act of quitting the game because of frustration from insurmountable and most often annoying conditions, such as the inability to beat the enemy. Typically done by players who feel that their time ...

Domain: Games; Kategorie: Computer games

Often abbreviated to "b" to save time, back is a command to your teammates to retreat to save themselves the trouble of dying or to prevent them from being forced into a tactically unsound position.

Domain: Games; Kategorie: Computer games

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